Angry hangover girl illustration

Pissed off girl illustration
Angry hangover girl

So, it turns out this is my one hundredth blog post, and to celebrate I had a crisis of confidence and started freaking out about the fact that all I'm doing is contributing to the massive amount of pop culture artwork that's already clogging the tubes of the internet. This was exacerbated by a month spent completely sober in the cold dwelling on how irrevocably fucked everything is and fantasizing about whiskey.

And the sense of fiddling while Rome burns was further increased by watching Adam Curtis' terrifying documentary Bitter Lake, about just how irrevocably fucked the world is (which at the time of writing is still available to watch on iPlayer). And then the sense of disco dancing on a bed of dying cats was still further increased by reading Polly Toynbee and David Walker's terrifying book Cameron's Coup, about just how irrevocably fucked the UK is (which is condensed here).

And my response to this was to try and make some real art. I turned to Flickr for inspiration (and royalty free images), immediately forgot what I was there to do and ended up amassing a huge folder of sources to make portraits of pretty girls. Because the internet definitely doesn't have enough illustrations of pretty girls.

I ended up spending a week doing a proper painting of a pretty girl looking melancholy and holding an umbrella. Because the internet definitely doesn't have enough illustrations of a sad girl holding an umbrella.

In the end I came to my senses/messed up the painting and went back to the source folder. And I think I found an image that covers all of the things that have been occupying my mind - a pretty girl with a hangover looking pissed off at how irrevocably fucked everything is.

If you're interested, the source image I used is Angry/Hungover Girl" by ktoine and is licensed under CC BY 2.0. I was not going for an exact likeness though (he said while bemoaning his lack of talent at creating an exact likeness of anything).

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