St. Vincent Portrait

drawing of St Vincent Annie Clark

So, this week I thought it might be nice to break from the run of movie posters I've been on lately. And I made a portrait of brilliant music-lady St. Vincent (otherwise known as Annie Clark).

I'm not really up on my new music these days. I remember a decade or so ago I knew sort of what was going on, but now I've disappeared into a hole of podcasts, punk, post-punk, Pulp, Pixies and other stuff that begins with 'p'.

But I did listen to St. Vincent's new album last year. Which in turn convinced me to listen to her other albums and go watch her perform live at Colston Hall in Bristol. Where I may or may not have fallen madly in love with her.

Watching her live I was struck by how some people live their lives as a sort of gigantic art project, and how existentially liberating it must be for people such as St. Vincent, David Bowie, Robert Smith, David Lynch, etc. to decide (if that is what they do) that they will become a kind of avatar, an exaggerated pastiche of humanity that is (at the same time) both an obvious facade and utterly true to itself. 

And I wondered if it even was a decision, if maybe these people are just beyond the limitations that the majority of us decide we have to live within. And I decided that I would no longer live within these limitations. That my life would become my work of art. So the next day I shaved my eyebrows, painted an eagle on my chest, put on a top hat and strode forth proudly attired in a pair of Speedos, wellington boots and a smile. But they sent me home from the library where I work.

Anyways, that's St. Vincent above.

Apologies to anyone expecting a poster for the new Bill Murray movie that's also called St. Vincent. But my New Year's Resolution was to stop drawing Bill Murray so much because he said it was weird in a dream I had about him.

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