Sao Paulo Illustration

Pamela Gyotoku Portrait

So I went to São Paulo recently and spent a lot of my time there stocking up on source images for illustrations because I'm such a loser. The last time I went I was there for quite a long time and ended up back in the UK with a memory card full of images of the city. I've been using them as background sources for the last five years and I've pretty much exhausted my supply. But now I have enough to last me another five years.

It may not be a conventionally beautiful place, but I'm a massive fan of the amount of clutter and detail in the skyline, the crazily complicated knots of cables sprouting from the utility poles and crowds of people and cars that clog the streets at all hours. Walking around feels like walking through a Terry Gilliam movie. I can't get enough of drawing the city.

The same can be said of Pamela Gyotoku in the foreground here (who in real life does not have green skin). I've drawn her so many times I suppose one could say (if one were in a pretentious mood) that she's my artistic muse... But that would not be taking into account the psychotic amount of Bill Murray portraits I churn out.

Incidentally, looking at the last few posts I think I've got a bit of an addiction to yellow backgrounds. I'm going to try and go cold turkey for a couple of weeks.

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