Inherent Vice Movie Poster

Inherent Vice Film Poster with Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix smelling like a 'patchouli fart'
If this is the kind of thing you'd like to put on your wall you can now buy a print from my Etsy shop:

It hasn't been formally released yet (at least in the UK) but I'm really looking forward to seeing Inherent Vice. It's based on a book by Thomas Pynchon and it's directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Also, it's about a hippie detective in 70s LA and Martin Short is in it. So there isn't really a whole lot that can go wrong. Plus, the trailer alone easily passes the Wittertainment six laugh test:

So, as a product of my faith that this film will be great, there's my poster for Inherent Vice above. Which is the second time I've posted a poster for a film I haven't seen yet...

And, it's the sixth time in a row I've posted a digitally coloured portrait as well as the sixth time since starting the blog that I've posted a film poster.

I'm not sure what I should do with that information. Apart from resolving to do something different next week. But I feel like I should only make that promise if I have some intention (however slight) of sticking to it.

Anyway, here's the original ink drawing of Joaquin Phoenix that I scanned and coloured:

Joaquin Phoenix black and white illustration

It's kind of subtle, but the background of the poster features a scanned page from the novel the film is based on. It's a page that begins the tale of a Messianic surfer named St. Flip and I had to scour the book to find it. I love Pynchon anyway, but I was reading that bit about Flip surfing the freak waves and how:
"Stewardii on transpacific flights making their final approaches to LAX reported seeing him below, surfing where no surf should've been, a figure in white baggy trunks, whiter than the prevailing light could really account for..."
 And I had to reread it over and over again. Pynchon is like that.

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