Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

Star-Lord Illustration Guardians of the Galaxy space
Guardians of the Galaxy Movie poster - Star-Lord in space
Starlord Helmet Film Poster
Guardians of the Galaxy Movie poster - vintage colours
I added the purple version with the stars a little while after posting the original vintage version. You can buy both versions (or just one... or neither) as prints from my Etsy store:

James Gunn directed Guardians of the Galaxy. Before that he directed the slimy gross-out horror comedy Slither and the absolutely bonkers hyper-violent Rainn Wilson comedy Super, a film about a man who's brain is invaded by tentacles that convince him to become a superhero and attack "criminals" with a pipe-wrench.

Marvel keep hiring left-field directors (Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, Shane Black, etc.) who try and make genuinely interesting films. The Russo Brothers seem to have got the Captain America: Winter Soldier gig after directing the paintball war finale of the second season of Community. Which is a pretty great way to pick directors on one of the biggest cinematic franchises in the world if you ask me.

It's fun to watch other studios bustling around and trying to recreate the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC and Warner have announced ten films following on from that one Superman movie where Superman killed a bunch of people, Universal are attempting to build a multi-movie franchise featuring classic movie monsters (presumably because that's all they have) and Sony (after it became painfully obvious that no-one cared at all about the two-hundred Spiderman movies they had planned) are kicking off a Robin Hood franchise that will (if all goes bizarrely well) spin-off into solo movies about the Merry Men... It's called Hood

And while all this is going on, presumably Marvel will just keep making really funny (kinda) smart action movies that people will crawl over each other to see.

Anyway, that's my poster for Guardians of the Galaxy above. A movie about a giant animated tree-creature and a talking space raccoon that opens with a parent dying of cancer, features a 70s pop soundtrack and stars a dude from Parks and Recreation, a WWF wrestler and Glenn Close. A movie that has made 771 million dollars at the time of writing this blog.

Here's the original ink drawing of the Starlord helmet above that I made back during Inktober:


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