Richard Ayoade Illustration

Moss from the IT crowd illustration

So I'm still running a little bit behind after my trip to Brazil, but I'm also still aware that this is something that will not really get me a lot of pity.

I got back into the UK Sunday night, so this week I've quickly coloured another Inktober illustration while I try to catch up on stuff. The original Richard Ayoade Inktober drawing was done just after his recent interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy where he addressed his dislike of interviews and - pretty reasonably it seemed to me - refused to discuss a hot button topic that was pushed upon him when all he was there to do was promote his new book.

I am aware of the irony of me bringing that back up in order to defend his position.

Anyways - he seems like a cool guy who rocks some pretty sharp sartorial elegance. And Submarine was an absolutely fantastic film... Although, growing up as a duffel-coat wearing pretentious narcissist in an isolated South Wales town it would be hard for me to think otherwise.

Here's the original drawing:

It's propped up on a makeshift drawing board I constructed out of some old sketchbooks, a ruler, some bits of cardboard and an old Tnetennba.

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