Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Illustration

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Portrait Drawing
So I've been taking part in the Inktober Challenge over on Twitter. Which entails me drawing a new ink image every day for the whole of October. I've been really busy lately with the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair (which was great by-the-way and thanks to everyone who showed up) but, now that it's over, I need something new to get absurdly stressed about. Inktober seems perfect.

So far I've been posting a new Doctor Who image every day. Not completely sure why that is, but it saves me having to think of something new thirty-one times. And I think I'll carry on doing it at least until I run out of Doctors... Maybe I'll switch over to companions or villains when I've done all thirteen. If you'd like to follow the progress of what is possibly the geekiest thing anyone has ever done, then you can head over to my Twitter account:

For now though, here's my image of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor (or is that the Thirteenth?). The original illustration was drawn in black ink with a dip-pen, but I've thrown on some digital colour here to pretty up that scowling face.

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