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Illustration, Weird David Lynch
So here's David Lynch in celebration of the astounding news that Twin Peaks is returning to television in 2016 along with Lynch and Mark Frost and what seems to be the majority of the (surviving) cast. It wasn't too long ago that I declared my ever lasting love for the show (which you can read about here, if that's the kind of thing you're into) which I then followed up with a Twin Peaks inspired zine cover for the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair:

Kyle MachLachlan Twin Peaks Comic
(I promise this is the last time I'll use the Black Lodge zigzag background) 

Now... I'm not saying I'm the main reason it's coming back - just that I'm one of the reasons.

Either way and in any case - since the news broke on Twitter I've been drinking cups of coffee continuously and listening to Crazy Clown Time on a hard rotation as a form of tribute to the weird Lynch-Gods that have allowed this wonderful thing to happen.

Speaking of Twitter, the portrait was posted originally as part of the #Inktober masochistic torture-fest that I am two thirds of the way through. I'm posting a new ink drawing on Twitter every day and you can follow my sad and low quality performance here:


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