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So I made this comic for Issue #10 of the Bristol-based Bearpit Zine. The theme for this issue was "Place" and it debuted at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2014. It's a bit longer than usual because the zine was perfect-bound for the tenth issue and needed a bit more length as a result. If anyone is interested in buying a copy (it looks great) then feel free to contact me directly.

Comics featured in the zine are always black & white but I normally add a bit of colour when I repost them here on the blog. No time this week though due to the pressures of Inktober (I am currently posting a new ink drawing on Twitter every day this month, you can follow my progress here: Thankfully I'm nearing the end now) but maybe I'll come back to this one at some point. I don't mind it in black & white though.

This was an idea I've had in my head for ages and something I've always thought about while wandering through Ikea - how the labyrinthine layout could confuse a mentally impaired person into thinking they were wandering through their own mind. Hopefully the shoe-gazing angsty opening isn't so off-putting that it stopped anyone getting to the reveal at the end. Also, if anyone can be bothered and they didn't see the twist coming then the comic should make a whole lot more sense on a second read-through.

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