Birdman Movie Poster

Michael Keaton Birdman Film Poster

So I know that, about a month ago, I put up a poster for the movie Birdman starring Michael Keaton and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. But I have this Tuesday deadline on the blog, and sometimes it means that I put something up that I'm reasonably happy with at the time, but could really do with being sat on for a couple of weeks and then reworked with fresh eyes. The fact that the Tuesday deadline is completely self-imposed and utterly arbitrary is something that I hope no-one brings up. In any case, here's a new Birdman Movie Poster that uses the same drawing as the old one and pretty much the same composition. But doesn't look quite as bad. Which isn't to say it's not bad... Just not as bad.

I still haven't seen the film so I have no idea whether my poster captures any sense of the tone, or whether the film deserves this much effort spent on posters - but it really does look pretty great and I can't wait to see it. Hopefully I will be able to hold off posting any more posters until it's actually released.

I don't want this whole revisiting past entries thing to become too much of a habit, so while I'm here I'll post this reworked version of a an old Bill Murray illustration (out of the thousands of Bill Murray illustrations I have):

Bill Murray Portrait

I wasn't crazy about the colours on the original (which you can see here) and, although it's still not perfect, I think it's a little better.

Incidentally, I'm still plugging away at Inktober on Twitter and posting a new ink drawing every day. If anyone wants a look then you can follow me here: 

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