Samuel Beckett Portrait

Samuel Beckett Quote

I've been extremely busy this last week or so getting things together for the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair, but I found an old scan of a pencil portrait of Samuel Beckett on my hard drive along with a scan of a typewritten quote:
 "We are all born mad, some remain so..."
- Samuel Beckett
I started work on this a year or so ago as the first in a series of portraits of authors I was planning. I never got round to doing the series so (completely unrelated to the fact that I have nothing else to put up and I still need to get a bunch of postcards ready for print tonight) I decided to put the scans together and give it some shade on Photoshop. Which I did and that's what's above. It should please both fans of Beckett, and fans of pictures of things with quotes written in front of them.

Beckett is fantastic by-the-way. But eighteen months into this blog, I'm finally getting tired of singing the praises of craggy-faced, enigmatic,  old, white guys. Plus (and the fact that I'm bothered about this might surprise anyone who has read this blog before) I'm worried that anything I say about him would come across as pretentious. Still, you should probably read some Beckett. 

And that quote is damned good.

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