Christopher Caterpillar and his Moral Decline - a Children's Story

Caterpillar wearing backpack illustration

Drunk caterpillar illustration

Caterpillar smoking a bong illustration

Caterpillar eating junk food illustration

drunk caterpillar illustration

caterpillar doing heroin illustration

So this is a cheery little children's story I made for the zine I'm putting together for the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair.

It's based on a comic I made back when I was in University about a character named "Billy the Rabbit". But I already have one thing with a rabbit in it for the zine and I didn't want to be "The Rabbit Guy".

There are a couple of observations I would like to make about this piece:

1: I would have been very happy when I was fifteen if I had been able to draw a caterpillar smoking a bong like on the third page. Now I'm twenty-eight and I just feel disgusted with myself.

2: It was logistically very difficult to portray a caterpillar shooting up heroin.

3: I have completely run out of ideas and have resorted to scouring my old teenage sketchbooks for things I can steal (more on this next week).

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