Twin Peaks inspired image for Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2014

Twin Peaks Poster - Agent Dale Cooper and Log Lady

So I have a half-table at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2014 which I will be sharing with fellow illustrator Alys Jones. We will be selling zines, postcards, prints, badges and loads of other stuff with drawings on it under the moniker "Twin Freaks". I made the above image for the exhibitor list on the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair website and it's very possible that I'll recycle it constantly for other stuff around the time of the fair.

Alys and I are both massive fans of Twin Peaks, coffee, Agent Dale Cooper and logs. So the above image seemed appropriate. I would like to stress however, that Alys does not look like the Log Lady. On the other hand, I look exactly like a log.

Aside from being inspired by Twin Peaks for the picture above, I have also "borrowed" liberally from Charles Burns and his freaky distortions of the highschool yearbook photos on the inside covers of the Black Hole hardback:

Charles Burns Black Hole

The main difference between Charles Burns' images and my own are that his are much better.

The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair will be held at The Station on October 4th. And it will be very good. So you should come.

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