3d gif of a telekenetic snail unscrewing the top of a man's skull

3d psychedelic trippy snail gif

I don't really have much of an explanation for the image this week. Other than I was bored and I felt like drawing a psychedelic telekinetic snail unscrewing the top of a man's skull. Which, actually, is all the explanation required.

After drawing, scanning and colouring I thought it'd be fun to make a simple animated gif of the skull coming off. But I accidentally stumbled onto this weird 3d fake stereoscopic effect which I thought was pretty interesting and trippy.

Now I know how to do it I would not bet against some other dumb images of stuff needlessly flying out of the screen in the months to come.

Also, here's a non-whacked-out-gif .png-version of the same image:
psychedelic telekenetic snail unscrewing the top of a man's skull


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