Twin peaks Poster

So I just finished rewatching all of Twin Peaks. Boy is that a good show! So good I felt like making a poster for it. So I did and here it is. If you haven't seen the show it's about coffee, pie, murdered Homecoming queens and all kinds of terrifying mindfuckery.
I don't actually watch TV (I say at least twice a day) ... I just watch upwards of fifty hours of Netflix and downloaded content a week. But no actual TV so I get to be smug. But what's to be smug about? We're living in a Golden Age of programming at the moment. As soon as one amazing game-changing show ends, leaving you gasping and speechless on the sofa clutching your chest and shaking imperceptibly, another is waiting right there to make your life EVEN MORE worth living.

But Twin Peaks was where it all began. If it was filmed in widescreen rather than 4:3 you could slot it into the schedule tomorrow and people would call it groundbreaking. Season 2 episode 8 would break records for illegal torrenting, Dale and Audrey 'shippers would run rampant through Tumblr freaking everybody out with their disturbing gifs and collages, and people not up-to-date would put their hands over their ears and sing at the slightest mention of Coop's fate post season-one-finale. You wouldn't even have to change the costumes. 

And right now, like a tracksuited matriarch puffing on a Richmond Superking, it stands gazing benevolently over its copious brood - X-Files, The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, True Detective - smiling and waiting to be rediscovered by anyone who's willing to let a show with experience take them by the hand, lead them up the narrow staircase and teach them how it's done.

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