In defence of Miley Cyrus (for some reason)

The pure unadulterated apoplectic vitriol that the mere mention of her name seems to inspire is bizarre to me.

Miley Cyrus is an idiot. Okay! I get it. She is an awful human being - fine. She's everything that's wrong with the world today - I could not agree more. But she's also twenty-one. Which means she's supposed to be all those things.

And, I guess, compared to most of the twenty-one-year-olds I've met (or been) she is a model of dignity, poise and grace. The same goes for all those other chuds who keep doing stupid stuff on the side of the Daily Mail website. Justin Beiber peed in a mop bucket at a nightclub? I saw a nineteen-year-old peeing out of the sunroof of a moving policecar on Saturday night. The only difference is that the girl I saw peeing out of the sunroof didn't have anyone filming her. Well, that's not true, but the footage probably won't end up on the BBC. Probably.

Miley is not just twenty-one. Miley Cyrus is a super-famous twenty-one year old millionaire white-girl with legions of salivating fans who has the acute attention of both new and old media. She is literally the worst person in the world to be held up as a role model. And any society that casts her as one is fucked. It's definitely not her fault that she's a bad example.

Hating Miley Cyrus is like punching a cow in the face because you don't like McDonalds burgers.

On a completely unrelated note, I have now reached the point where my blog has caught up with my artwork and I'm living week-to-week. Which means that if I finish something and have no idea why I decided to do it in the first place and don't want to put it up then I still have to.

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