Frank Movie Poster

Movie Poster Frank

UPDATE: You can now buy prints of both Frank posters from my Etsy shop:

So last week I went to see Frank at The Watershed cinema in Bristol and the final song from the film - "I Love You All" - has been running around my head ever since. It's a ridiculously catchy conspicuously weird indie surrealist trip of a tune written by Stephen Rennicks and you can listen to it here. I would avoid it though, it's stuck in my head so firmly now that I got asked my name at the chemist the other day and all I could do was repeat the lyrics over and over again while staring blankly at a plastic container next to the cash register filled with pairs of nail-clippers, dazzling in the mid-morning sunlight.

The film stars Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scoot McNairy and Michael Fassbender - who plays Frank and wears a giant papier mache fake head for the duration. It's (very) loosely based on the experiences of author Jon Ronson and his time as the keyboardist for Chris Sievey's alter-ego Frank Sidebottom and his Oh Blimey Big Band but there's also a fair helping of Daniel Johnston and Captain Beefheart thrown in too, because why not?

If this is all news to you then have a look at the trailer for the film here. I think you can probably still find it in the cinema right now and I'd urge anyone to go. It was funny and sad as well as utterly unique and I thought I'd be able to get it out of my head by making a Frank movie poster, and then a second one, but they haven't really helped at all. Anyway,  these are the film posters I made for Frank.

Movie Poster Fassbender Frank


  1. I love the orange and green poster. Hope you don't mind that I linked it to my Pinterest folder. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Mario. No - I don't mind. Cheers for asking though!

  3. You should sell these on Etsy or the like. I'd seriously buy one.

  4. How do I purchase one of your posters?

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