Library wall mural

library wall mural
By day I work in a college library and by night I'm an illustrator. Which is like a pitch for the most boring superhero ever. Sometimes the two worlds collide and I get to reorganise the bookshelf in my flat or I get to paint a fifteen foot by ten foot mural on the back wall of the library over the Easter Holidays.

The idea was to get the students involved and give prizes for the best design submitted which would then be reworked for the wall. I made the poster on the right (this is an old version, I don't have a copy of the finished article) in order to elicit submissions and put them up all over the library and the college.

The student body responded to my poster campaign with an overwhelmingly unanimous sigh of apathy and, with a grand total of zero submissions, I went ahead and did it all myself. Which definitely isn't exactly what I'd hoped I'd have to do from the very beginning.

So here are some pics of the progress along the way:

And a really grainy gif showing the the whole thing start to finish:

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