Bill Murray Anniversary Spectacular (week one)

Bill MurrayBill Murray

So it's the one year anniversary of the Sunday Dog Parade and we're marking the occasion with the first of a two-week extravaganza celebrating a special friend of the SDP - Bill "Groundhog Day Ghostbusting-Ass" Murray.

There's not a lot that needs to be said about Bill other than the fact that he is Phil Connors, Steve "Stevesie" Zissou, Big Ern McCracken, Francis Xavier Cross (A thing they nail people to), two-time (and two-time only) Dr. Peter Venkman and (ladies and gentlemen) Mr. Bob Harris. Anything else that needs to be added I think we covered pretty comprehensively in one of the very first Sunday Dog Parade posts marking our third day online.

So, one year of weekly updates in, has it been worth it? Well, I would definitely say that I don't actively regret doing this.

Thanks for reading this past year and come back next week for more Bill Murray and some serious self-congratulation.

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