Fixers Billboard

Carrickfergus Fixers charity billboard

So this is a billboard I was asked to design for Fixers - a charity that supports young people who want to initiate change regarding issues that are important to them. I was very flattered to be involved and my only regret is that the billboard went up in Northern Ireland and not Bristol, so I did not have the opportunity to take countless selfies in front of it, and loiter around it close enough to sidle up to any passers-by who glanced at it for even a second to say:

"Just admiring the billboard were you?" Before nodding my head and walking away with  an enigmatically amused expression on my face.

You can read about the campaign here and, just for kicks, here are some pictures showing the billboard on a wall in Carrickfergus, as well as a picture of the characters in isolation and a draft about midway through:

cartoon students in the rain


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