How to fail at what you want to do

whiskey, books, cat, stained glass, girl and older man

Someone I know recently told me this beautiful story about how she hangs out at this older guy's house whenever she's in her home town and they get drunk and talk about life and literature and movies and all that stuff. And it sounded so interesting and cool - the way she told it - that I decided to draw something based on what she said.

It's hard sometimes to dissect the process of artistic creation but I'm going to attempt it here: 

What I have done is completely disregard the point of the original story and throw aside everything that was nice about it. The mutual respect and platonic connection - that's gone now. In its place are two weird blank eyed figures and a room coloured with as much grime and mouldiness as I could squeeze out of Photoshop. Those two people - they look as though they're barely tolerating each other. Also, I made the main focus of the drawing a bottle of whiskey like some kind of depressing advert:

"Painted Dog - for the times when you hate everything and a seven hour conversation about literature is definitely going to happen!"

In the end these step-by-step dissections of  process are always pointless, you can't teach someone how to accidentally land as far away as possible from their original intention when creating work - that shit's innate.

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