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Jack Nicholson - The Last Detail

I really like the film The Last Detail, so a year ago I decided to draw Jack Nicholson's character from it. I realised halfway through that I was drawing a sort of Jean-Paul Gaultier ad.

Originally I coloured it using some really toned down sepias. I suspect that this was the conservative part of my brain desperately trying to deflamboyance the image like a 1950s housewife throwing a knitted brown shawl over a disco ball. So today, when I was looking for something to post, I decided that if I was going to put up an image of Jack Nicholson topless and tattooed, wearing a sailor's hat and smoking a cigar then, by gum, he was going to be multicoloured and he was going to be fabulous!

If you haven't seen the film then I strongly suggest that you rectify this immediately. Randy Quaid plays a young sailor who is facing eight years in Navy Jail for stealing forty dollars. Jack Nicholson (playing Billy "Baddass" Buddusky) and Otis Young (Richard "Mule" Mulhall) are the petty officers assigned to escort him to his fate. They decide to take an extra couple of days getting there and show young Randy Quaid a good time before he's banged up. This includes much drinking, fighting and ice-skating. If that doesn't do it for you, how about this? The film was held back two years because there's so much swearing in it they had to wait until the standards of morality had slipped enough to tolerate it.

Why are you still reading? Go watch the film!

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