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business cards

This week I thought I'd show the business cards I've been making and refining lately. I have this idea that if I just keep pretending to be an actual illustrator then eventually it'll be a thing. I'd find it sweet if someone else was doing it - like a five-year-old girl pouring invisible tea for her imaginary friends. Or a balding divorcee putting a party hat on his RealDoll to celebrate his fiftieth birthday.

But I had this great idea where I would do something unique and make my cards myself using custom rubber stamps. I thought that it might take a little longer than getting them made by one of the corporate internet business-card-making-fatcat-conglomerates, but I'd end up with something a little different and I'd get to stick it to the man. 

Of course, inevitably, it took about one-hundred times longer making them myself and was probably about five times more expensive. On the plus side though, whenever I've been involved in a show or fair or whatever and I've put a pile on the table they always get snapped up pretty quickly. Which is awesome. Of course, no-one ever actually buys any of my stuff that costs actual money - but it's still nice to see them taking away the free stuff. Also (I imagine) if I saw increased traffic to my website or got any work as a result of the cards it would all be worth it
So I thought about posting a sarcastic how-to guide explaining the process of making them but, cards on the table, I'm up against it time-wise to make the Tuesday deadline. I accidentally spent the time I'd earmarked for the blog rewatching episodes from the first series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer to see if it took as long as Agents of Shield is taking to be good (it didn't) and napping.

Additionally, at the last minute I realised that my phone number was all over the pictures I had and, because I'm a paranoid nutcase, I got rid of most of them. Although I'm not sure what I thought would happen if somehow the internet got hold of my phone number - it probably has better things to do than hassle me.  Important things like making sexist remarks about middle-aged female classicists and compiling lists (like this recent example from the front page of Buzzfeed) that speak to us all on a fundamental level.
illustration business cards

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