Bristowl Part III

So I'm coming to the end of this big project that I've posted about a couple of times before (part one and part two). It's a book I've been illustrating for Jordan Selig called "Ollie The Ostracised Ostrich" narrated by The Bristowl. And here are four of the latest images from it:


These are four random images (out-of-sequence) from about twenty-five in total. So good luck trying to figure out the plot from these. You'll have to buy the book, you cheapskates.

Anyways. Quite a short entry this week because I have a whole bunch of work to get done and I'm only posting this blog entry today because I actually wrote in the header of this blog "Updated Every Tuesday" and I made it part of the actual PNG file so I can't take it out or change it without redoing the whole thing because I hate myself.

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