Falmouthed Illustrators

So I've organised a zine with some ex-coursemates and we've gotten ourselves a half-table at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term - a zine is where a group of artists plough their own money into a low-fi publication that they sell for a few pounds a copy (or give away for free) with the goal of making a manageable financial loss.

But why would anyone put so much work and time into something with so little reward? Because we're artists and we have no concept of business - that's why! But you big city fatcats wouldn't understand. With your artisanal cheese, and your Rolex shoes, and your Armani toothpaste... While you're driving a car with a chocolate steering-wheel with the top down through Cameron's Britain, on your way to watch a Belarusian underwear model with a PHD in landscape gardening fellate an oryx on a helipad, while you're doing that - we're busy making art! 

You can take your spider-silk shower curtain, and your capybara sausages, and your marble pillows, and your pet Galapagos turtles, and your Coca-cola in glass bottles. I'd much rather marshall a bunch of functioning alcoholics into missing a deadline by no more than a fortnight.

So! To sum up - Falmouthed Illustrators will be at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair on Saturday 5th October and we'll have plenty of stuff for you to browse through including comics about zombie nightclub comedians, pet chinchillas, existential emptiness, cat discos and Neitzche's cock. We have work from:

Teresa Mclaughlin (also check out Teresa and Rebecca Jones' blog Cats Vs. Bunnies)

And possibly some others if they submit to my passive aggressive needling.

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