Drunk Drawing

Groucho Marx illustration portrait

head phones girl illustrationPatti Smith illustration

I have this habit. I get blind drunk, pick a face from a giant folder of people that I've culled from the web and then hunch over my desk like a tangled chain-smoking marionette, drawing until 4AM. If I was being honest I'd say that I move away from the desk occasionally to sloppily dance around to my iPod and pretend to sing seductively to myself in the mirror. But this blog is public so I definitely don't do that.

Here I have taken some of the drawings that were created during these nights and Photoshopped the absolute living Hell out of them. The Photoshopping was weird, like I was collaborating with myself. A partnership where one half is confident, easy-going, expressive and spontaneous and the other half is neurotic, by-the-book, obsessive and meticulous. I can only assume that at some point we'll meet and have to go on a road-trip together to get home for the holidays. We'll bicker and fight but, eventually, grow to respect and (dare I say it) love one another.

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