Two Band Posters

So I was sat around thinking, "Wouldn't it be swell if some bands asked me to design gig posters for them!" And then I thought "To heck with that - I'll make up my own bands and pretend they asked me to design gig posters for them." And I did and here they are.

I was worried originally that the humorous references to existential thinkers and writers in this first poster were a little too broad and accessible. And then I decided that there's a reason everyone likes Transformers movies, Paddy McGuinness, Dan Brown and Existentialism - because they're all brilliant and just because something has mass commercial appeal doesn't mean it isn't very good.

For the second poster I trawled through a bunch of websites that allowed aspiring actors and models to upload their headshots in order to find a face I could use as a base. Most of the headshots were accompanied by a brief biography of the potential star wherein they talked about their lives, their hopes and their dreams. And I got really absorbed reading these tiny, manically positive appeals from people who desperately wanted to be something, despite the statistically tiny chances of them ever achieving their ambition. Gratingly optimistic screams that echoed out into the void of the internet with no response, like radio waves from past broadcasts of Spongebob Squarepants episodes travelling out further and further into the cold emptiness of space. Their idealism was at the same time heartbreaking and admirable. On a completely unrelated note I've been working on my artist's statement and I'm pretty happy with it.

Eventually I found the face I wanted to use and, because I have absolutely no idea how copyright works, changed it slightly when I was drawing. Unfortunately (and predictably) after staring at the headshot for a few hours I accidentally fell in love with her. At the time of writing this blog she has not responded to my emails, phonecalls or letters. But I've used some of my old underwear and a few chunks of hair I cut from a sleeping crack-addict to fashion a doll in her likeness. I'm sure that once she receives it in the post she'll realise that we are meant to be together.

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