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And so, here we are, the final entry in this opening triptych. I think we can all agree that publishing three blog entries in three days was definitely a good idea and no-one is bored of my charmingly arrogant demeanour yet.

At the end of this gruelling three-day blog marathon I can only bemoan my lack of preparation. If only I had spent the last six-to-eight months drawing, painting, chain-smoking and getting hammered on my own during any time off from my full-time job. If only I had no social life. If only I wasn't out constantly riding in hot air balloons, fly-fishing, slut-shaming and all the other fun things people do. Then I would have a stack of material ready to post and I wouldn't have to worry about making new stuff for each entry. Curse my glamorous lifestyle, I'm just like F. Scott Fitzgerald except – somehow – he found time for his art while still tearing up the town with his suicidal wife.

The above illustration is my (not winning) entry for the Atlantic Press icon competition. They're a great small publisher of illustrated books and you can find more information on them here. My brother/flatmate came into my room while I was working on this and said “Yep, that's exactly what I expected you to be drawing.” 

So, I'll be back with another entry next Tuesday and once a week thereafter. Causing any more audience fatigue when I don't even have an audience is a definite factor in this decision.

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